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A Guide to a Georgia Barrier Island
by Taylor Schoettle

A Guide to a Georgia Barrier Island describes the geology, ecology and natural history of the barrier islands of Georgia.
Jekyll, St. Simons and Sapelo Islands are featured, and a detailed walking guide to Jekyll Island is included.

Why is Georgia's coast bordered by two sets of barrier islands while most other shorelines are fronted by one? Why are the beaches so wide and wet? Why is the sand so fine and the waves small? Why are fewer shells found on these beaches? Why are the salt marshes so expansive? Why are the tides much higher than most other regions of the

Atlantic? What is the nature of these majestic live oaks, and why do their features change in different island locations? These are a few of the most frequently asked questions on field trips, and the questions reflect the uniqueness of Georgia's islands.

Years of study and teaching on the Georgia's barrier islands induced the author to share his discoveries through the writing of four field guides of which this is the most comprehensive. "Taylor's enthusiasm and thorough knowledge of the area make his books as appealing as they are informative," says Joyce Blackburn, author and an editor for Eugenia Price. "The combination of succinctness and readability along with numerous drawings, detailed maps and diagrams gives Taylor's work clarity and approachability." says Buddy Sullivan, author of Early Days on the Georgia Tidewater.

A Guide to a Georgia Barrier Island is targeted for tourists, as well as those with scientific interests, and is designed to facilitate educators using the guide with their classes.

Taylor Schoettle, in his twelve years as a Marine Education Specialist with the University of Georgia, conducted marine programs for schools and colleges throughout the Southeast and assisted with the development of three environ-
mental education centers in Georgia.