Charleston Bump 2003

demersal - living near and on the bottom


eddies - circular movements of water


gyres - circular movement of water, larger than an eddy; usually applied to a larger system


isobaths - A contour line connecting all points of equal depth below the water surface


meanders - turn or winding curve of a current that may detach from the main stream as an eddy


pelagic - pertaining to the open sea


phosphorite-manganese pavement - hard substrate formed from the precipitation of phosphate (PO4) and manganese (Mn+2) from seawater


scarp - elongated or steep slope separating flat or gently sloping areas on the seafloor


scour - erosion due to bottom currents


shoaling - shallowing or rising


upwellings - rising of deep water, rich in nutrients, toward the surface

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