GUSTO Program
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Student Comments

"Hands on stuff was awesome, deployments and nets were so cool!"

"The science and sailing was very effective in learning..."

"SWEET! The most educational experience of my life so far!"

"I learned so many things outside the scope of oceanography and nautical science"

"I thought it was great because I learn best by doing things and that's all you do here.

"The field studies and question-of-the-night were good experiences."

"I really, really enjoyed the program and feel it helped me grow as a person."

"I got so close with the people on my watch. I can't imagine the program any other way."

"I really liked the opportunity to work on different parts of the ship."

"This trip has been one of the absolute highlights of my college career."

"This was a great experience. I honestly believe this will be very helpful for me in the future when applying for jobs or grad school."

"I learned a broad range of things. Greater value than I expected."

"...very eye opening into what kind of research I want to do."

"The sea component is a great adventure that is both challenging, educational and fun."

"The watch schedule offered a change in lifestyle in which you can learn a lot about yourself."

" is an experience I will never forget."

"This program taught me a lot about sailing, the importance of team work, and field research."

"I really appreciated the responsibility and independence given to students."

"This has been one of the best experiences of my life!"

"Going aloft was really fun and was a high on my trip."

"The program was very valuable to me..."

"It's definitely a strong program of immersion into marine sciences."




Sea Grant... PO... SEA

The Gulf Stream Oceanography (GUSTO) Program
was jointly funded by a grant from the
South Carolina Sea Grant Consortium (#NA10OAR4170073)
and institutional support for ship time from the College of Charleston.

This program was developed as a Partnership with the
Sea Education Association (SEA).

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