The video clips in this gallery were collected during the 2002 Islands in the Stream Expedition's visit to the the Continental Shelf Edge between July 28 – August 5, 2002.

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Dr. Leslie Sautter of the College of Charleston entering the submersible.

Launch of the Johnson Sea - Link Submersible.

College of Charleston visits 172ft. below sea level.

Jacksonville Scarp - blocky rock substrate.

Scamp Grouper - grayhead phase

Scamp Grouper - grayhead phase changing to normal coloration.

Male Hogfish

Male Hogfish and two female hogfish in courting behavior

Female Hogfish - courting coloration display

Flying Grunard

Flying Grunard "flying" along seafloor.

Spiny Lobsterand Scamp Grouper

Squirrel Fish

Speckled Hind - 0.4 meters in length.

Sampling sediment with push-core.

Sampling sediment with suction device.

Submersible recovery - diver attaching tow line.

Sub recovery - hoisting aboard.

Giant Red Hermit Crab in observation tank.



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