Charleston Gyre

Daily At-Sea Log February 9th

February 9

We got some bad news when we awoke this morning. Apparently when they were doing a MOCNESS tow this morning around 4 am, the winch broke. Luckily they had just gotten the MOCNESS over the end of the ship but they were still holding the tag lines so they were able to manually pull it back aboard. The part that broke will have to be replaced on shore. This means our cruise is over. We're heading back to Morehead City, NC now (above: the mighty MOCNESS winch) and should arrive around 5pm. We still have a couple of logs that we were going to write and will still add those to the site. I should be back in the office by Wednesday at the latest and we'll be able to add pictures to our logs. I took a lot of video as well and will try to get this dubbed and up on the web as soon as possible. Thank you for following along with us and make sure you continue to check back regularly as I still have things to add to the site. The cruise may be over but the website is nowhere near finished, more exciting things to come.

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