COASTeam Leadership Institute

Sponsored by College of Charleston and SC Sea Grant


College of Charleston, 3 Hours Graduate Professional Development Credit


The COASTeam Program is an integrated course in which teachers learn marine science concepts in the fields of geology, biology, chemistry, and physics.  The course teaches these concepts using South Carolina’s coast as an excellent “classroom,” providing teachers with relevant, local examples to carry back to their own classrooms. All activities are correlated to the SC and National Science Curriculum Standards.


The College of Charleston is offering the COASTeam Leadership Institute as a three-hour graduate professional development credit course.  As a participant, you will be supplied with an abundance of inter-disciplinary content information on the marine sciences.   You will be actively involved in over 40 hands-on, South Carolina Science Standards-based activities and a field trip to a local marine environment.  The course materials include the text Of Sand and Sea, by Paula Keener-Chavis and Leslie R. Sautter.  Each morning, all participants will investigate a major concept in marine science.  In the afternoon sessions, each grade level (5,6,7,8) will explore grade-specific standards and activities that apply to the concept addressed in the morning session.  Upon finishing the course, you will leave with a wealth of knowledge in marine science and easy, interactive ways to instill that knowledge in your students.


During this institute, the 21 selected participants will receive “Explore the Oceans, 2nd Edition” with lessons to take back to their classroom.  The selected participants will be recruited through the informal educators that attended the COASTeam Workshop in March 2005.  The participants will be partnered with an informal education institution to provide their own COASTeam workshop for other in service teachers, called a “COASTeam Day”.


Course Objectives:                           

·          Teachers will become proficient with basic marine science concepts and in the use of numerous standards- and inquiry-based marine science activities.

·          Teachers will become familiar with nearby coastal environments and processes.

·          Teacher confidence levels, with respect to teaching marine science, will increase.


Tuition and Costs:

·          FREE to all South Carolina public school teachers, grades 5-8.  

·          $15 fee for joining the South Carolina Marine Educators Association (SCMEA) for one year (strongly encouraged, but optional).

·          Travel and lodging will be provided to participants from outside the Charleston area.


Summer 2005 Course Offering:

·         June 13 - 17, 8:30-3:00 each day, plus one follow-up session.  One session during the week includes a field trip.  (Credit will be awarded in Dec. 2005.)

If you would like to enroll or learn more about the program, please contact:

Sarah McGuire, Program Manager

Phone:  843.953.7745    Fax:  843.953.7850      Email:



Deadline: Tuesday, May 1, 2005