The video clips in this gallery were collected during the Islands in the Stream Expedition's visit to the Charleston Bump between September 27 – September 29 , 2001. This video gallery was made possible by South Carolina Dept. of Natural Resources, NOAA Ocean Exploration, and Project Oceanica. These video clips can be used for educational purposes only. For more information about any of these clips, contact Project Oceanica.

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Chloropthalmus agassiz i (shortnose greeneye).

Crustacean on rocky live bottom with man corals

Unidentified black coral on hard bottom.

Laemonema melanurum (Smallscale mora)

Helicolenus dactylopterus (Blackbelly Rosefish)

Squalus sp. (unidentified dogfish) investigates sub

Squalus sp. (unidentified dogfish) in front of sub.

Squids swiming above in water column.

Chaunax stigmaeus (Redeye gaper) on seafloor.

Conger oceanicus (Conger eel) swimming along bottom.

Invertebrate covered rock collected by robotic arm.

Flyby of bottom showing nice slope relief.

Closeup flyby of live bottom showing invertebrates.

Lophius sp. (unidentified anglerfish/goosefish)

Sampling sediment with the sub's suction tube.

Coelorhynchus sp. (unidentified rattail)

Flyby of bottom showing low-relief outcrops.

Sampling individual coral with sub's robotic arm.

A rock sample collected with sub's robotic arm.



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