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Photo Cards

Photo Cards - Print these double-sided Photo Cards to use in place of real shells.


Bivalve or Univalve (clam or snail)? - An introductory activity to familiarize students with mollusks and the criteria scientists use for grouping them into the Bivalve and Univalve classes.

The Living Mollusk

Adaptations - An activity to get students thinking about adaptations and how these animals live. Print these double-sided Fashion Cards to use with the Adaptations activity.
Bivalve Biology - After initial research, students will be able to build a model of a bivalve, learning both inside and outside structures.

Identifying Mollusks

Mollusk Matching - A quick matching activity familiarizes students with shell names (the exoskeletons of mollusks).
Dichotomous Keys - Use the dichotomous key given to identify shells you find on the beach and then create a dichotomous key of your own using the people in your class.

Sharing the Knowledge
Create a display - Show off the shells you've found and educate other classes on the mollusk species you have collected.

Mollusk of Interest - Choose one species and become an expert.
Endangered, Threatened, or Extinct Mollusks - Learn these words and their meanings and find out which mollusks in our area are affected.

Websites with Other Mollusk Related Activities