Many similar looking shells are found on the beach and are pictured below. We hope this comparison of species helps with the identification of these confusing shells.

Top Shell: Atlantic Giant Cockle
Bottom Shell: Incongruous Ark - Notice smaller size and toothed hinge


Left Shell: Kiener Whelk - Notice longer and more curved spines (knobs)
Right Shell: Knobbed Whelk


Left Shell: Channeled Duckclam - Notice one pointed corner which creates somewhat of a triangular shape
Right Shell: Elegant Dosinia - Notice the curved beak and more numerous and fine concentric lines

Larger Shell: Atlantic Oyster Drill
Smaller Shell: Thick-lipped Oyster Drill - Notice thick and toothed outer lip

Smaller Shell: Apple Murex
Larger Shell: Giant Eastern Murex - Notice longer spines

Top Shell: Saw-toothed Penshell - Notice more numerous and smaller spines
Bottom Shell: Stiff Penshell

Top Shell: True Tulip - Notice more numerous lines circling shell
Bottom Shell: Banded Tulip

Left Shell: Giant Tun - Notice compressed spire; has a thin outer lip
Right Shell: Scotch Bonnet - Notice more pointed spire and thick outer lip

Top Shell: False Angel Wing - Notice beading on only one end
Bottom Shell: Angel Wing - Notice heavy beading covering whole shell