Shark-eye or Atlantic Moon Snail (Neverita duplicata)

SHELL LENGTH: Approximately 4 inches (10.16 cm)

The smooth, gray to tan spherical shell is one of the prettiest found on the Atlantic coast measuring 1/4 to five inches in diameter. These predators feed on other mollusks, especially clams, by drilling a hole with its radula through the shell and at the same time secreting an acidic substance that softens the shell. After completing a perfectly beveled hole, this snail will suck out the body of the mollusk eating up to four clams a day using this method. Moon Snails will actively hunt for their food and will even consume other Moon Snails. Sea stars, oyster drills, and fish will prey upon Moon Snails. Moon Snails lay egg cases made out of gelatinous material and sand, often called sand collars, which are also found on the beach (pictured below).