1a) Large aperture (opening) compared to shell
(1/3 of the shell size or larger)

1b) Small aperture (opening) compared to shell
(less than 1/3 of the shell size)

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2a) Has a pointed shell

2b) Does not have a pointed shell

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3a) Has a pointed shell

3b) Does not have a pointed shell

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Atlantic Deer Cowrie




4a) Opens on left (hold with aperture facing you and the spire pointed up)

4b) Opens on right (hold with aperture facing you and the spire pointed up)
Lightning Whelk

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5a) Has a shelf inside

5b) Does not have a shelf inside


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6a) Pure white

6b) Colors exist on shell

Angulate Wentletrap

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7a) Knobs

7b) No knobs

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8a) Knobs on each whorl and along back, running from top of spire to lower siphon canal

8b) Knobs only on each whorl

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9a) Visible bands (not rough); bands circle shell

9b) Rough grooves circle shell

9c) No visible bands or rough grooves
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10a) Top-shaped

10b) Longer shell than wide

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11a) Outer lip thin and smooth

11b) Outer lip thick and smooth

Eastern Mudsnail

Marsh Periwinkle



12a) Thin, dark brown lines spiraling around shell do not run into aperture

12b) Brown, spiral bands and many broken spirals
running into aperture

Banded Tulip

True Tulip




13a) Rounded body; short spire; large as fist

13b) Has extended spire; small in size

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14a) Flat, channeled whorls

14b) Large, pointed spire

Channeled Whelk

Horse Conch




15a) Large, pointed spines

15b) Short, rough spines

Giant Eastern Murex

Apple Murex




16a) Knobs pointed straight

16b) Knobs curved; swelling near lower
part of body whorl

Knobbed Whelk

Kiener Whelk




17a) Thick, toothed outer lip

17b) Thin, slightly flared outer lip

Scotch Bonnet

Giant Tun




18a) Outer lip thick and toothed

18b) Outer lip thin and not toothed

Thick-lipped Oyster Drill

Atlantic Oyster Drill



19a) More flat than tall

19b) Not flat; very round

19c) Has a keyhole in the top
White Baby's Ear

Moon Snail (Shark-eye)

Cayenne Keyhole Limpet



20a) Zigzag markings

20b) Round aperture (opening)

20c) Canal at bottom of aperture
Lettered Olive

Brown-striped Wentletrap

Eastern Auger