Shrub Zone / Shrub Forest

.....As the soil conditions on the beach further improve, woody shrubs such as the wax myrtle begin to appear. The cover produced by these plants begins to shade out many of the meadow plants. As the woody plants of the shrub zone begin to proliferate, the area gradually succeeds into a shrub forest. Vines soon begin to weave their way through the shrubs, making this area a well protected habitat for barrier island wildlife. Due to the lack of an obvious boundary between the shrub zone and shrub forest, I have combined the plants from both zones on this page.

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All plant illustrations on this page are courtesy of Taylor Schoettle's A Guide to a Georgia Barrier Islands. Click here for ordering and contact info.


Common Name: Catbrier
Linnaeus Classification: Smilax sp.
Description: vine w/ shiny leaf, thorns and black berry

Common Name: Pepper-Vine
Linnaeus Classification: Ampelopsis arborea
Description: vine w/ many leaflets, black berry
Common Name: Muscadine Grape
Linnaeus Classification: Vitis rotundifolia
Description: vine w/ grapes
Common Name: Red Bay
Linnaeus Classification: Persea borbonia
Description: small tree w/ aromatic leaf
Common Name: Virginia Creeper
Linnaeus Classification: Parthenocissus quinquefolia
Description: vine w/ five leaflets per leaf
Common Name: Hercules' Club
Linnaeus Classification: Xanthoxylem clava-herculis
Description: pointed warty growth on bark and thorns
Common Name: Wax Myrtle
Linnaeus Classification: Myrica cerifera
Description: shrub w/ aromatic clusters of small grey berries
Common Name: Yaupon Holly
Linnaeus Classification: Ilex vomitoria
Description: shrub w/ shiny evergreen leaf, red berry in winter
Common Name: Buckthorn
Linnaeus Classification: Bumelia lycoides
Description: small tree w/ thorns among whorls of leaves