All images and excerpts below are taken from The NOAA Ocean Explorer page on the NOAA website. Please click on either image or the url: below to see the full Mission Plan found on the NOAA Ocean Explorer website.  
  The Islands in the Stream expedition explored protected and unprotected deep water coral reefs and hard-bottom communities throughout the Gulf of Mexico and South Atlantic regions. Historically studied as isolated environments, scientists made discoveries that helped link these deep water communities (or "islands”)
  that lie beneath the Yucatan, Loop and Gulf Stream currents (i.e., the “stream”). The voyage also helped to document pieces of our maritime heritage and engaged the public through numerous education and outreach events. Each mission featured students- and teachers-at-sea activities and included a range of media coverage. Open house events were held in Belize City (Belize), Puerto Morello (Mexico), Galveston (TX), Tampa (FL), Key West (FL), and Charleston (SC). These events provide the public an opportunity to interact with the scientists and learn more about undersea research and exploration, as well as the technologies used to obtain information and convey important scientific messages.





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