Continental Shelf Echinoderms
Many species of seastars, brittle stars and more live off our coast.

The Transect Program
Students experiencing hands on
research at sea and in the lab
The Transects Online WebGIS
Explore Transect Program data
through our interactive GIS website.
Charleston Bump Echinoderms
View rare and common species of sea stars, urchins and more

Transect Program Video Gallery
50 video clips of organisms viewed
on the seafloor and in the lab.

San Salvador Mollusks
Gastropoda and Bivalvia Mollusk
Classes from the Bahamas

Project Oceanica's goal is to integrate education with oceanographic research and exploration, and to develop educational resources and programs available to college and high school students, as well as to K-12 educators. Project Oceanica was established in August, 2001 with initial support from the NOAA Ocean ServiceCoastal Services Center. Currently, Oceanica receives funding from a variety of sources and is housed within the College of Charleston’s Department of Geology & Environmental Geosciences.


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