Mediaster sp. (?)

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Abundance: very uncommon Distribution: shelf edge (100m)

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Dorsal (left) and ventral views: Arms are 5 cm, measured to the mouth.
Only one specimen of this species was collected on the Charleston Transect.
It is similar to (but not the same species) a specimen collected at the Charleston Bump.

Left: Interradial plates are salmon color, with darker spines near the ambulacral grooves. Tube feet are pale gray.
Right: The disk has paxillae with clusters of tiny pores, and the marginal plates are granular, though not raised,
wrapping around the edge of the body. The madreporite is shown at the top of the picture.

Sharp, rigid spines that are oriented in the dorsal direction are
found in rows along the ventral edges of each arm.

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