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Leg 1

Name: Marilyn Laserna

What is your major? Masters in Environmental Studies

How did you become interested in this major or field? I’ve been interested in the ocean and other natural science since I was a child and I always wondered how everything fits together. After volunteering with a loggerhead sea turtle nesting patrol, I enrolled at the College of Charleston as a marine biology major and my interests have grown from there.

Where do you see yourself five years from now? I would eventually like to be working for a federal agency. Working to protect threatened habitats and species, and studying these topics is part of that.

What part of the research on this trip has interested you the most? It is very hard to say. Each sample holds different and interesting features. Although the beam trawl and the ROV are really exciting, when we take a closer look at the other samples they may prove to be just as exciting.

What part of the research has interested you the least? Processing the samples in the lab

Did you get sea sick on this trip? No, but I felt a little bad the first night.