Welcome to Coastal Geology Online (CGO). CGO is an interactive resource designed to distribute data and images useful in understanding and learning about coastal processes.
This educational tool is brought to you by Project Oceanica, with grant support from the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). Additional partners include, NOAA, the Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management (OCRM), South Carolina Sea Grant Consortium, and the College of Charleston Dept. of Geology. Please click the logos below to learn more about these organizations.

Link to OCRM

Data Lab - 10 years of beach survey data
John Pennington - Geology Major, College of Charleston.
Barrier Islands of South Carolina Aerial Image Browser
Glenn vonRosenburg & Mike Thomas- Graduate Student, MES Program, C of C
Commonly Found Marine Mollusks of the Southeastern United States
Sara Saksewski - Graduate Student, MES Program, C of C
An Educator's Guide to Folly Beach - Information on South Carolina's barrier islands
Steven Vettese - Graduate Student, MEdSM Program, C of C
Explore Folly Island - An educational product for exploring coastal geology
Kim Owens & Elizabeth Rogers - Graduate Students, MEdSM Program, C of C
Temporarily unavailable
The Ever-Changing Beach - Beach activities for middle school
Betsy Sheffield - Graduate Student, MES Program, C of C
The Circle of Life - Activities for discovering the food web of the maritime forest
Jennifer Jolly - Graduate Student, MEdSM Program, C of C



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