Charleston Gyre

NOAA Ship Oregon II Crew

Project Oceanica wanted to take time to recognize and thank the officers and crew of the NOAA Ship Oregon II. No scientific research could take place if it weren't for the dedication of the ship's crew. Unfortunately, a photo is not available of LT Keith Roberts - Executive Officer, but he is certainly an important part of this hard-working group.
- So long and thanks for all the fish.

CDR Todd Stiles

ENS Luke Spence

ENS Eric Johnson
Navigation Officer

Dave Nelson
3rd Mate

Roger Zirlott
Chief Boatswain

Al Hayes
Chief Engineer

Sean Pferrer
2nd Assistant Engineer

Dan Relph
Electrical Technician

Jorge Barbosa
Skilled Fisherman

Henry Mattson
1st Assistant Engineer

Angelito Llena
2nd Cook

Rowell Legaspie
Chief Cook

O.C. Hill

Steve Webber

Todd Wilson
Skilled Fisherman

Chuck Godwin
Ordinary Fisherman

Jason Matherne
Skilled Fisherman

Larry Bennett
Skilled Fisherman

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