Charleston Bump 2003
The scientific team of researchers and educators represents a collaboration among
South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, the University of South Carolina,
and the College of Charleston's Project Oceanica. This project is funded by NOAA Ocean Exploration.

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OceanExplorer - Visit the NOAA OceanExplorer web site where you will find Daily Logs written by the researchers. The Mission Plan, several science essays, and educational activities (grades 5-12) are also posted.

Charleston Bump 2001 - Visit the previous Charleston Bump Expedition's website containing both Ocean Explorer and Project Oceanica resources.
Science Summaries - multimedia summaries of recent and ongoing research
Meet the Researchers - understand their role in the expedition – on the ship and in the lab or classroom.
Photo Documentaries - view a variety of research topics and techniques.
Photo Galleries- view photos from the expedition, including an exciting taxonomic gallery of rare and beautiful echinoderms (sea stars, urchins and more)
Sample Repository - request a sediment sample recovered from the Bump in Sept. 2001 to use in your classroom.
Charleston Bump Glossary - terms relating to the Charleston Bump research

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