Paleo-Channel and Crescent Ridge
Shelf-Edge Features at Doc's Rocks

Images produced by Mike Reed, CofC Geology Major, Beam Team 2007

View Mike's research poster:
"Analysis of a Shelf-Edge Outcrop Using Multibeam Sonar and Sedimentology "

Reed, M.J. and Sautter, L.R., 2007, Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs, Vol. 39, No. 2

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Map view of the Paleo-Channel (southwest portion) and
Crescent Ridge (northern portion). North is at the top of the image.


Paleo-Channel and Crescent Ridge viewed looking northwest.


Paleo-Channel viewed looking north.

Looking northwest toward the Paleo-Channel.


Crescent Ridge looking north. Two terraces may represent slumping
caused by weakness in underlying rock (probably limestone).


Looking northwest, Crescent Ridge, lowest terrace.

Southward view of Crescent Ridge.
(note: some of the "striping" is due to tide differences
that have not yet been corrected.)


Overview of Crescent Ridge and Paleo-Channel with profile locations marked.
Profiles are shown below.

1 2
Paleo-Channel cross section 1-2 (scale in meters)

Profile D-F running through the Paleo-Channel (scale in meters).
This is an example of a graded slope


Profile A-C bisecting Crescent Ridge (scale in meters)