Thumbprint Ridge
Shelf-Edge Feature at Doc's Rocks

Images produced by Zach Briggs, CofC Geology Major, Beam Team 2007

View Zach's research poster
"Sonar and Sediment Analysis of Outcropping Hardground Strata
on the Continental Shelf Edge off of Charleston, South Carolina"

Briggs, Z.N., and Sautter, L.R., 2007, Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs, Vol. 39, No. 2

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Map view of Thumbprint Ridge (North is at the top).

View of Thumbprint Ridge. looking north
(in the general direction of the Gulf Stream current)

Thumbprint Ridge looking south (looking against the Gulf Stream).


Close-up of Thumbprint Ridge.


Locations of profiles, shown below.


Profile A-A1(scale in meters), across Thumbprint Ridge.


Profile B-B1 (scale in meters) along the trend of the shelf-edge region, across Thumbrint Ridge.