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The Charleston Bump Role of the Charleston Bump in the Life History of
SouthEastern U.S. Marine Fishes.

by: George Sedberry et al.,
South Carolina Dept. of Natural Resources
This "island" of topographic relief in an otherwise relatively flat bottom in the path the Gulf Stream causes a disturbance in the flow of one of the earth's dominant oceanographic features.
The Seafloor Rocks!
by: Dr. Leslie Sautter, College of Charleston
From the Estuaries to the Abyss expedition, learn about the variations in seafloor habitats across the Blake Plateau, which ranges in depth from 500 to 900 meters.
Life on a Rock
by: Dr. Leslie Sautter, College of Charleston
The rocks that make up the foundation of the underwater oases are completely enveloped in invertebrate organisms, to the point that not a square centimeter of the actual rock surface is exposed.
Neptune’s Staircase: Cliffs and Terraces of the Deep
by: Dr. Leslie Sautter, College of Charleston
First-hand visual interpretation of the sea floor allows us to understand the rock formations and begin to piece together a geologic perspective.

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