Gray's Reef Expedition 2004

Daily At-Sea Logs

May 10,2004 An introduction to Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary

May 11, 2004 PAMS - Passive Acoustic Monitoring Systems
May 12, 2004 Deployment of chevron fish traps

May 13, 2004 Transducer used to monitor a series of transects


May 14, 2004 Deployment of the video logger and fish traps

May 15, 2004 Turner South Productions joins the ship
May 16, 2004 Retrieving the video logger, working with the production crew, and deploying more fish traps
May 17, 2004  The catch of the week: black sea bass  
  May 18, 2004 Fish traps deployed in unique positions around the reef
May 19, 2004 The last full day aboard the Nancy Foster

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