Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Hello, again, from the sanctuary!

What a gorgeous day here in Gray’s Reef. It is bright, sunny, and about 84 degrees outside. We have been truly blessed by wonderful weather here during our surveys.

The day started the same as the others with dives and fish traps. Four members of the Board of Directors from the Coastal Conservation Association (CCA) joined us for the early afternoon to experience first-hand our research, as well as the workings of the R/V Nancy Foster. One director even helped de-gas the fish from one trap retrieval, while Gail (the Outreach Coordinator for GRNMS) took a hand at measuring the fish. Both did a fantastic job!

Currently, the divers are on their third dives of the day, while Athan practices throwing the grappling hook with Jack, the junior engineer. There is much to learn about seafaring from the ship’s crew; they are no strangers to living and working on the ocean. It is nice interacting among the ship’s crew and others in the science team. I am starting to feel quite comfortable here aboard the Foster…this may have something to do with me getting my first good night’s sleep since boarding one week ago. This is a sure sign that our time remaining in Gray’s Reef is short.

Sarah Goldman gets a chance to get her feet wet today as she dives for the first time since arriving aboard the Foster. Ms. Goldman is collecting small, pelagic fishes for Dr. Charlie Barans at the S.C. Department of Natural Resources. Dr. Barans monitors a camera attached to an artificial reef in S.C. He has noticed small reef fish visiting the reef; however, identifying the fish with the camera has been difficult. Therefore, he has asked Sarah to observe and collect small reef fish who are hanging out near the ledges in GRNMS to see if they are same species.

Well, that’s all for now folks. Check back tomorrow for more events aboard the Nancy Foster.

Good night!



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