Monday, May 30, 2005

Happy Memorial Day From Gray’s Reef

Today was our busiest day yet. Last night I was up very late filling up 29 dive tank for all the morning dives, because in the morning the divers were going to do a total of 22 dives and need 26 tanks (four for underwater drills). So last night and this morning very busy everyone was working very hard to get all of the work for three days done in one day, because the weather is forecasted to be very ruff tomorrow. We are actually starting to get some rain as I am writing this.

After this mornings and this afternoon hectic schedule we had our Memorial Day celebration here on the Foster. The captain called for a swim call which means that we all get to just off of the Foster into the water and in Memorial Day tradition it was very hot today, so the water felt great. The Chief Boson also hooked up a rope swing to one of the cranes so that we could all swing into the water (picture to left). We actually started a competition to see who could get the best swing into the water. Needless to say it was not me.

Anyway tomorrow we are planning to do a few dives in the morning and then sail back into Savannah but until then. The good news is that they repaired the main engines.

Hope everyone had a good Memorial Day




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