Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The Last Greeting from Gray’s Reef

Well this is going to be the last daily log from us here on Leg III on the Nancy Foster. We have had a great time and gotten a lot of work done. Actually, everyone got all of their work done (Yeah!). Also, we all got to meet really cool people we would not have met otherwise.

This day is kind of bittersweet. On one hand , we are finally getting to go home, which is what everyone is waiting for. On the other hand, we have spent almost two weeks with the same people and we have all become really good friends. Now we are getting ready to leave and we may never see each other again ( I am speaking more about myself). However, I have been asked to come back for the trip next year so, with some luck , maybe I can come back.
Leg III Group Photo

Hopefully you have enjoyed listening to me babble for over a week and perhaps I will " talk" to you all next year.

Your Friend


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