Quadrant III
Central Area, Transect Meanders

Images produced by Keith Meany, CofC Geology Major, Beam Team 2007

View Keith's research poster:
"Analysis of the Highly Sinuous Mean Meanders of the Transects River Channel"
Meany, K. and Sautter, L. R, 2007, Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs, Vol. 39, No. 2

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The Mean Meaners show high sinuosity (S.I. = 2.11) and
show possible ox-bow formations

Map of Quadrant III location, showing the Mean Meanders area
within the Transect Meanders (formerly called Transects River Channel)

Map above shows location of oblique views A, B, and C.

View A (above) shows evidence of previous channels that were abandoned.

View B, above, shows another meander remnant in the lower left.

View C, above, shows a meander that is
close to pinching off (to form an ox-bow).
Significant channel infilling by migrating sands is evident