Quadrant V
Sand Ridge Area, Transect Meanders

Images produced by Bob Hairston-Porter and Jimmy Skinner, CofC Geology Majors, Beam Team 2008

View their research poster:
"Multibeam Mapping of the Transect Meanders on the South Carolina Continental Shelf off Charleston"
Hairston-Porter, R., Skinner, J., and Sautter, L.R., 2008, School of Sciences and Mathematics Annual Research Poster Session

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This area was mapped in January 2008. Rough seas have contributed significant noise to the
image, but the general features of a broad, smooth body of sand (red)
that is cut by a 1 m channel is evident. This area exhibits approximately 9 m of relief (~27 ft.).




Profile a-a' depicts a channelized area, whereas
profile b-b' that cuts across the area shows a smooth ridge of sand



3-D view A (looking northwest) of channellized area
shown by boxed inset in previous figure