Quadrant IV
Southeast Area, Transect Meanders

Images produced by Dylan Murphy, CofC Geology Major, Beam Team 2007

View Dylan's research poster:
"Multibeam Exploration of the Trifecta Terrain on the Mid-Continental Shelf off Charleston, SC "
Murphy, D.M., and Sautter, L.R., 2007, Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs, Vol. 39, No. 2

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Quadrant IV, is located in the deeper portion of the Transect Meanders.

Quadrant IV, the "Trifecta Terrain", includes meanders, a broad deeper area, and
a large smooth shallow area of sand. Letters on the map refer
to locations depicted on the Murphy and Sautter poster, some of which are
are shown below.



Location alpha (VE=8, viewd looking southwest) shows one of
the channel sections in the northwestern corner of Quadrant IV.



Location beta (VE=10), viewed looking south.



Location dw (VE=10) shows asymmetric ledge or ridge-like features.
These features may be sand waves or the outcropping edges
of rock layers.


Location sb (VE=10, viewed looking west) is the edge of the sand bar.
Sediment samples indicate that medium sands dominate this area.