Second Grade

Classroom Activities

1. Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Swamp?

Focus Question: What is a swamp?

2. Swamp Family Reunion

Focus Question: How do you classify swamp organisms according to common characteristics?

3. Swamp Livin'

Focus Question: What are the basic needs of swamp inhabitants?

4. A Bird's Life

Focus Question: How do birds interact with each other and the environment?

5. Animal Habitats (from the S.C. Aquarium Online Curriculum)

Focus Question: What do salamanders and other animals need to survive?

6. The Very Best Place for Me

Focus Question: Where can an alligator live?

7. Gigantic Gators

Focus Question: How large do alligators and some of their historical relatives grow?

South Carolina Aquarium Activities

1. Keep Your Eyes On Me

Focus Question: How do organisms interact with their environment?
How do they obtain the resources necessary for them to survive
(air, food, water and shelter) in their environment?

2. Camo Critters

Focus Question: What is camouflage and how do various animals in the S.C. Aquarium utilize camouflage?

3. Water is Water

Focus Question: How are the animals that live in the ocean different from the animals that live in a swamp? Why are the kinds of animals so different if they both live in water?