Third Grade

Classroom Activities

1. A River Ran Through It

Focus Question: How would you describe the Piedmont region of South Carolina? How might dams placed on rivers affect organisms living in the Piedmont?

2, A Tangled Web

Focus Question: Do snakes need plants?

3. Adaptations in Action

Focus Question: How do body parts and behaviors help animals and plants to survive in their habitats? What is an adaptation? Do plants have adaptations?

4. Natural Selection

Focus Question: Why might a brown snake living on the ground among dead leaves survive to have more babies than a green snake? Why might a green snake living up in leafy tops of trees survive to produce more babies than a brown snake?

5. Let's Play with Clay in the Piedmont

Focus Question: Why do you find such big rivers in the Piedmont region of South Carolina? Why is the water in these rivers often reddish-colored?

6. Sculpting South Carolina

Focus Question: How do you think precipitation, elevation, and the geology of an area affect what types of wildlife communities you might find there?

7. Snakes

Focus Question: What do you know about snakes?

South Carolina Aquarium Activities

1. It's All in the Name Game

Focus Question: What Piedmont animals at the South Carolina Aquarium have common names that provide clues or hints about the animal's adaptations?

2. Just Like a Snake

Focus Question: What animals at the aquarium have an adaptation that snakes also have?

3. Create a Creature!

Focus Question: If you could combine amazingly-cool adaptations from a variety of animals to create a "super creature", what would the animal look like? Where would it live?