First Grade

Classroom Activities

1. Magnificent Mduddy Marshes

Focus Question: What is a salt marsh and what plants and animals live there?

2. Salty Spartina

Focus Question: Can Spartina survive when it receives salt water rather than fresh water?

3. Catch Me If You Can

Focus Question: What is Spartina important to juvenile fish?

4. Seed Scatter

Focus Question: How are seeds distributed?

5. Livin' It Up

Focus Question: What are the life cycles of Spartina and Palmetto?

6. Build Me Up

Focus Question: How does Spartina help to create sand dunes?

7. It's Getting Hot In Here

Focus Question: Which heats up fastest- sand or water?

8. Mixin' It Up

Focus Question: How can we separate various materials from mixtures with water?

South Carolina Aquarium Activities

1. Plant Sizes

Focus Question: Can students identify plants based upon the size of various plant parts?

2. Simile Scavenger Hunt

Focus Question; Can we identify plants and animals in the SC Aquarium using simile clues?

3. Of Mountains and Marshes

Focus Question: What are some of the differences between various plants found in the salt marsh and mountain habitats?

Field Trip Activities

1. Beach Centers

Focus Question: What can we find on the beach?

2. What's the Difference?

Focus Question: How is the salt marsh different than the beach?