Classroom Activities

1. Where is the Water?

Focus Question : Where is the ocean in SC?

2. A Lotta' Water

Focus Question : How much of the earth is covered with water? Is there more water covered earth or more earth above the water?

3. Water Wonders (from the S.C. Aquarium Online Curriculum)

Focus Question : Why is water important to living things? Where does the water in habitats come from? Where does the water in habitats eventually go?

4. It'll Be Comin' Down the Mountain

Focus Question : Why is the ocean salty?

5. Sensational Sediments

Focus Question : Are all sediments the same?

6. Loggerhead Lengths

Focus Question : How does a Loggerhead sea turtle's size change as it gets older?

7. Sea Turtle Bag Lunch

Focus Question : What do Loggerhead sea turtles eat and how can litter in the ocean cause them harm?

8. Turtle or Turf!

Focus Question : Why is beachfront development harmful to sea turtles?

South Carolina Aquarium Activities

1. The Tantalizing Touch Tank

Focus Question : How can we use our sense to describe the contents of the touch tank?

2. Astonishing Anatomy

Focus Question : How do our body parts compare to Loggerhead turtles and other animals?

3. Where Is My Mommy?

Focus Question : Can characteristics of juvenile organisms be used to identify adults of the same species? How do various marine and aquatic organisms obtain the resources (air, food, water) that they need from their habitat?

Field Trip Activities

1. A Day In the Life

Focus Question : What is it like to be a female Loggerhead sea turtle?

2. Turtle Tag

Focus Question : Do all hatchling Loggerheads make it to the ocean?

3. Beach Centers

Focus Question : What can we find on a beach?