This website provides teachers with all the necessary resources to carry out the activities developed by COASTeam Aquatic Workshops. To access the information for a specific grade level, use the menu above and select the desired grade. The Aquatic Workshops activities range from Kindergarten to Fifth Grade. After selecting the desired grade level, a new window will open with links to all of the activities. The activities are separated into "Classroom Activities", "South Carolina Aquarium Activities", and "Field Trip Activities". All activities are aligned with South Carolina curriculum standards. The South Carolina Aquarium Activities were used to faciliate the use of South Carolina Aquarium exhibits as extensions of the classroom.

Each activity has a link to a Word document with the full activity listed. Under each activity, there is also a focus question to make it easier to find activities for the subjects the teacher wants to cover. Some activities also have photographs of the activity taking place, or the set up of the activity, to facilitate in using the activity. All of the activities were tested by teachers at the Aquatic Workshops in 2002-2004, except for third grade. Due to low participation, the third grade workshop had to be cancelled and therefore, those activities are untested.

If you do not have internet access while using this CD-ROM, the activities from the South Carolina Aquarium will not open. To access those activities at a later date, when internet access is available, go to http://www.scaquarium.org/curriculum/index.html.