Fourth Grade

Classroom Activities

1. If You Want to Catch a Fish, You Otter Be an Otter

Focus Question: What characteristics of a river otter allow it to hunt and play in aquatic habitats?

2. The Great Wall of South Carolina

Focus Question: What regions of South Carolina would a river otter inhabit?

3. Superfly

Focus Question: How do fly fishermen take advantage of the life cycles of certain insects to catch fish in mountain streams?

4. Animal Family Reunion

Focus Question: How can you tell if animals are related to each other?

5. Just A-Singin'

Focus Question: Do bird songs have different pitches? Do birds in different environments have songs of different pitches?

6. Waggle It, Just a Little Bit

Focus Question: How do bees interact with each other, and specifically, how do they let members of their hive know of potential food sources?

South Carolina Aquarium Activities

1. Looking for Fish, Amphibians, Reptiles, Birds and Mammals in All the Right Places

Focus Question: Are there fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals in the Aquarium?

2. Transecting the Aquarium

Focus Question: How does the diversity of plants and animals on developed land compare to the diversity of plants and animals in a mountain forest environment or a salt marsh environment?

3. Environmental Ch-Ch-Changes

Focus Question: How do the changes man makes to the environment affect the plants and animals that live there?